BCIP attorneys are well versed in electrical and electronic design. We speak the language of engineering and pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently identify critical IP, permitting us to address our clients’ needs without putting an unnecessary burden on their technical and engineering assets.

control systems
consumer electronics
game controllers and gaming systems
autonomous vehicles
electronic device testing
power management
thermal management

Information Technology

BCIP attorneys have extensive experience identifying and securing rights in this critical area of commerce and technology. Whether you are working with a large network, cryptography, mobile applications, or software implementations, our lawyers have the industry experience, technical degrees, and legal expertise to address your IT needs.

operating systems
mobile apps
software as a service
wireless/data communication
geolocation applications and services
user interfaces
data informatics
database structure and management
wearable devices, including head-mounted displays (HMDs) and smartwatches
haptic feedback
free-space optical communications
machine learning and applications

Materials and Chemicals

Our attorneys leverage their wide-ranging experience in chemical engineering, chemistry, and the material sciences to secure and protect IP rights covering chemical/material processing, chemical compounds and formulations, and industrial-level production methods and equipment.

material science
industrial chemicals
industrial reagents
consumer products
hair care products
food technology
garment technology
automotive catalysts
gas separation
phase separation


Medical/Life Sciences

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the fundamental technical disciplines of chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering as they relate to medical devices and life sciences. We also have business sense, and understand the market and regulatory pressures our clients face. Whether dealing with a new pharmaceutical formulation, complex diagnostic and laboratory systems, or medical imaging software, BCIP attorneys have the expertise and experience to identify and protect your IP assets.

medical devices
molecular diagnostics
automated laboratory processes and apparatus
apparatus, methods and reagents for analysis of biological samples
small molecules