BCIP has taken several measures to minimize work disruptions in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

All of BCIP’s legal staff (currently eleven attorneys and one patent agent) have been capable of working remotely since the inception of the firm. Our systems are set up to enable virtual access to documents and docketing. If there’s ever an issue with a case, any attorney in the firm could have access to all of the information immediately. All of our attorneys are capable of submitting documents to the PTO.

In addition to our automated internal reminder system and administrative processes for checking deadlines, BCIP reviews all of our 30-day deadlines for all of our clients on a weekly basis and follows up internally and with foreign associates as needed to ensure that no deadlines are missed. These procedures should also act as a backstop in the event someone becomes unexpectedly unavailable.

Finally, most of our administrative staff members have been working remotely for several months.

BCIP is fully capable of meeting our clients’ needs in the face of the emergency measures that were implemented to slow this outbreak. While we are all affected, we are united in our goal to remain safe and maintain business continuity.

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BCIP is a boutique intellectual property law firm founded by Rick Botos and Ray Churchill in 2017. Our mission is to provide intellectual property services tailored to the needs of our clients in a friendly, direct, and uncomplicated manner.

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We are pleased to report that the number of patents issued to BCIP clients increased by 72% in 2020. According to data made available by Harrity Analytics, the number of patents issued to BCIP clients increased to 250 in 2020, up from 145 in 2019. We thank all of our clients for their trust and faith in us as we continue to grow and advance their IP interests.

  • Portfolio development and management
  • Patent prosecution (including PTAB proceedings)
  • Licensing IP transactions and due diligence
  • IP counseling and strategic advice (including freedom-to-operate opinions)
  • Trademark and designs
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